The Best 27-Inch Monitor

After spending 35 hours learning 18 big, excessive-resolution video display units and checking out six finalists, we propose the 27-inch HP Z27n for the general public. Its out-of-the-container measurements are exceptional, it has a bevy of useful capabilities which include a USB hub and a tremendously adjustable stand, and its slim bezels make the display screen appearance even large.


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It’s an outstanding choice for each person who desires to upgrade to a bigger reveal. (if you’re looking for a 4K display, we’ve another manual for that.)
The HP Z27n is the maximum shade-correct screen we’ve tested. Its manufacturing facility-calibrated 27-inch, 2560×1440-pixel screen makes it incredible for photo enhancing, gaming, looking movies, and even office paintings and web browsing. It has a skinny bezel around the pinnacle and sides of the screen, masses of connection alternatives (which includes a DVI port and DisplayPort out for connecting a second display), a USB 3.0 hub, and an ergonomic stand with a wide peak-adjustment variety that swivels, tilts, and pivots as well as any we’ve examined.
If the HP isn’t available, the Dell UltraSharp U2717D is a extraordinary opportunity. Its coloration and grayscale reproduction also are extraordinary, even though not as accurate as the Z27n or our preceding pick out (the U2717D’s predecessor, the Dell U2715H). Like our pick out, the U2717D is factory-calibrated and has a rather adjustable stand, a USB hub, and maximum of the same video connectors, minus a DVI port. a pair blessings: two of the Dell’s USB 3.0 connectors are on the left aspect, in order that they’re greater handy than the HP’s, which are all on the again of the monitor and difficult to get entry to. And its bezels are even skinnier than the HP’s, which makes the display screen appearance larger. but, the U2717D has a decrease assessment ratio and a piece extra lag than the Z27n (or the U2715H)—it’s nevertheless precise sufficient for maximum gaming, but it’s now not ideal for competitive fast-paced shooters.

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